You Predict: Where Is Bias in America Headed?


How have various implicit biases changed in the U.S. over time? Draw your predictions and compare them with the real data!

The past decade been anything but business-as-usual. We witnessed growing conversations about politics, global health, and social reform. American society has undoubtedly changed, which led psychologists Tessa Charlesworth and Mahzarin Banaji to ask: has bias in America changed too? More specifically, has implicit bias changed?

Armed with data from millions of tests taken from 2007 to 2020, Charlesworth and Banaji analyzed implicit bias—across time and at a national scale—for a slew of different categories: weight, disability, age, skin-tone, race, and sexuality.

You predict! Which, if any, biases do you think have changed? And in what direction? Have they increased? Decreased? Stayed the same? Draw your predictions below. When you’re ready, click “How did I do?” to see how accurate you were:

Implicit Attitudes

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