Implicit Revolution 2: Testing Our Implicit Associations


In Part 2, we explore the story of a small group of scientists, the test they developed to reveal implicit process of the mind, and how they harnessed the birth of the internet to share it with the world.

Dive deeper

Explore the lab websites of Professors Anthony G. Greenwald and Brian Nosek to learn more about their research on the implicit processes of the mind.

“We provide the first report of long-term change in both implicit and explicit attitudes — measured from the same individual — towards multiple social groups,” Charlesworth said … “implicit attitudes appear, in fact, to be capable of long-term durable change.” From Stephen Johnson’s Big Think article “Americans have become less biased — explicitly and implicitly — since 2004


The Implicit Revolution Part 2 was created and developed by Mahzarin Banaji and Olivia Kang with funding from PwC and Harvard University.

Narration by Olivia Kang, featuring Professor Mahzarin Banaji (Harvard University) and Brian Nosek (University of Virginia)

Sound Editing & Mixing by Evan Younger

Clip from Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror” (airdate 6 Oct 1967) copyright CBS

Music by Miracles of Modern Science

Artwork by Olivia Kang