The Implicit Association Test (IAT)


Can implicit associations be measured? How do they compare to self-reported attitudes and beliefs? Take the IAT to find out!

"Romeo and ______." "Salt and ______." "Thunder and _________." You probably never tried to memorize these phrases consciously. And yet, your mind effortlessly fills in the blanks, thanks to its tremendous capacity to build associations — the building blocks of learning.

Most of these associations are useful (or at least harmless). But through years of exposure to stereotypes and other cultural pairings, our minds also develop implicit biases: culturally learned associations that may even conflict with our consciously held beliefs. (Mahzarin Banaji, a co-developer of the test, disavows all biases, and yet she too shows bias—a learned association—on many tests.)

What implicit biases might exist in your mind? How do they compare with your explicit beliefs? Take one of our many tests to find out!

(Note: this test requires a computer keyboard. If you are using a mobile/touchscreen device, take the Touchscreen IAT.)